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Planning to Change the World: A Planbook for Social Justice Educators from Social Justice Planbook on Vimeo.

Educators talk about why they love Planning to change the World.

Here's what leading educators had to say about the Planning to Change the World series:

…an imaginative and innovative idea in the field of education. It is something that teachers all over the country who have social consciences will find useful because it will give them an opportunity and a framework for putting into practice what they believe. I hope it will be widely adopted.

 –Howard Zinn, author of A People’s History of the United States

Teaching is hard work, and teaching with a social justice perspective is even harder. This book, with its wisdom, inspiration, and resources, could not have come at a better time! Every teacher – novice, veteran, and in-between – will love Planning to Change the World. This is one that should be in every teacher’s backpack.

Sonia Nieto, Professor Emerita, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Every teacher needs a plan, and teachers who view themselves as agents of change need tools to enhance their practice and maximize the impact of their work. Planning to Change the World is a practical resource that can help teachers be more than merely effective practitioners; it can serve as a guide for approaching teaching in a way that is truly transformative.

Pedro Noguera, author of City Schools and the American Dream

Finally, a plan book that is enlightening, provocative and fun. A unique and powerful teaching tool that honors students by bringing to the forefront the stories of their communities. It’s a weekly reminder of how much we’ve achieved and how much we have left to do.

 –Lisa Delpit, author of Other People’s Children

Finally, after 18 years in the classroom I have found a planning book that treats teaching as an art form.  On virtually every page of this book, I find myself challenged and inspired to think more deeply about the importance of what I do every day in the classroom.  Some of the greatest gifts we receive in our lives are the tools that help us chisel the path to freedom, justice, and equity for ourselves and our communities. Thank you for sharing this tool with me so that I might keep chipping away at that path.

Jeff Duncan-Andrade, Assistant Professor of Raza Studies and Education Administration and Interdisciplinary Studies at San Francisco State University and high school teacher

In our daily work, teachers need their feet on the ground and their eyes on the horizon. Planning to Change provides both: A practical place to record our plans and a weekly reminder that we need keep bending the curriculum towards justice. This book is one of the gifts I give new teachers.

Linda Christensen, author of Reading, Writing, and Rising Up

Useful, hopeful and visionary, Planning to Change the World is just what every radical teacher needs. Pick up a copy today if you want to teach towards a more equitable and just world.

Wayne Au, Rethinking Schools

Comments from teachers who used the book in 2008-2009:

This book understands that education is freedom and makes me feel supported in the classroom by reminding me that I'm not alone in my struggles for social justice.
Samantha, middle school teacher

I love it. I love that everyone at school knows it's mine.
–Ellen, elementary school teacher

I love it from a pure nuts and bolts perspective (it's a good plan book), AND I love that something that I use daily provides inspiration to look deeper.
Kendra, preschool teacher

It is portable--works even when the computers are down and recognizes the importance of many movements and social justice struggles as well as the victories.
Patricia, high school teacher

I love it! The alternative plan books for elementary school are over the top "cute" and have no reminders of social justice. Thanks so much for doing it.
Erika, elementary school teacher

I enjoy the content and the stories, and LOVE the quotes/pictures. They motivate me throughout the week! I also love the Awards section--they are appropriate for even for the less politically-minded programs I work with.
Tina, after-school program coordinator

I LOVE THE DESIGN! The organization and space to write out my agenda and objectives for each day. I also like the photos and quotes from people whose stories were not heard in any of my history classes growing up.
Amy, middle school teacher

I love the dates and classroom ideas. This is one of the most amazing resources for social justice I have ever used, and I teach 1st grade.
Debbie, elementary school teacher

I appreciated how it kept the history of the struggle for justice alive...that is, in my face...every day.
Mario, high school teacher

From day to day it is difficult to remember the bigger picture. With this I confront it every day in a beautiful and inspiring way. This is a really amazing resource.
Chelsea, pre-service teacher

Comprehensive, hopeful, and helpful.
Barbara, college instructor

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